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Our financial professionals can help answer questions, provide choices and educate you to make the best decisions.

As Financial Professionals, we help individuals and small businesses compose a customized analysis which can help address your goals.
Insurance Coverage
(Disability, Life and Long-Term Care Insurance)

Understand and get the maximum from your company benefits
Ensure cash flow and capital coverage in the event of a disability or premature death
Determine whether you have too much insurance and can possibly reduce the expense

Tax Planning
(Minimizing Income Tax, Preparing Tax Returns and Tax Consultation)

Help ensure and establish tax-favored and tax-efficient investment strategies
Maximize pre-tax savings
Review investment programs for year-end tax losses/gains
Work with a professional CPA who understands your whole financial landscape for tax document preparation, education and advice.

Investment Services
(Asset Allocation, Risk Tolerance and Investment Strategies)

Discuss goals and risk tolerance to determine cash flow and financial needs
Review current investment strategies
Develop analysis for assets not currently allocated toward goals or in line with overall strategy
Help you select the right investment strategies for your 401(k) and other company retirement plans.

Analysis for Specific Goals
(Funding an Education, Retirement Planning, Estate Analysis)

Helping you with allocation of funds in the best places for the different phases of retirement
Proper utilization of IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k) plans, tax-deferred annuities and other tax-efficient investment strategies.
Select College Savings Plans, Education IRAs or other vehicles suited to help fund your children's education
Help ensure your heirs are covered and taxes minimized through estate analysis
Help increase cash flow through budgeting and debt consolidation

Managing finances today can be overwhelming and many people don't have the time or the proper resources to do it by themselves. If any of these areas have been on your mind, set up a complimentary consultation with a financial professional today. We have the experience, resources and commitment to help you get started.

It doesn't end there. Once you become a part of the Beacon Investment Solutions family, you will always have our ear, our first-class client service to help ensure your analysis is i n line with changing times and your changing needs.